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Together for over 30 years, Bob Cheney and Suzy Perisho have been entertaining throughout the U.S. and Canada as a successful live musical duo called "Frisco".

Frisco started out in 1977 as a cabaret act performing music and comedy skits in the clubs and bistros around San Francisco. Bob & Suzy got married soon after and eventually took their show out on the road. Since then, they've delighted audiences from Ketchikan to Cozumel and countless places in between.

Their musical repertoire covers a lot of ground, from classic Country favorites to Rock'n'Roll to Motown to the Blues. Bob plays guitar and keyboard. Suzy plays alto sax and flute. Both handle the vocals and harmonies in styles ranging from Johnny Cash to Elvis, from Bonnie Raitt to Patsy Cline, from the Righteous Brothers to the Everly Brothers.

Frisco's backup band (drums, bass, keyboards, horns, strings, and more) is a small electronic black box named Ed, maybe not quite human but an integral member of the band nonetheless. Ed's personality comes from Bob's personal touch in programming, and together they deliver the solid "live" groove that identifies Frisco's signature sound.

Suzy comes from a theatrical background, studying and performing in New York and the West Coast. Bob got his start playing guitar with various Rock'n'Roll bands in San Francisco. This diverse mix of experience and talent makes for a truly original style that's uniquely "Frisco".

Booking Inquiries:

Frisco's big sound and compact size works well with almost any venue or audience, small or large. Suzy handles the booking, you can contact her directly by phone, or use the form on the Contact Us page to send an e-mail message.

Frisco Booking:
Suzy Perisho
Phone: (319)626-7177 or (319)321-2805
e-Mail: bookings@friscolivemusic.com